SOFTWARE “Animal ancestors”

WARNING: The software is being constructed (is not finished yet)!



For each record/object/entity (eg. for each animal) new columns are added with ancestors data (indicated by the user).


·         source file type: csv

·         destination file type: csv

·         IMPORTANT: first column must contain animal ID (best in ascending order)


·         maximal number of columns (features) that can be added: 20

·         current maximal size of data (source file): buffers number: 10 000 x size of buffer 1 000 000 B  

·         maximal number of columns (source file): 1000

·         maximal length of name of column (which will be added – with ancestor data  and which contains animal and its parents ID): 255

·         maximal length of name of other column: no limited


Additional information will be given later.


A paper describing a methodology - under review.


Will be given later.

Last update:

2012-12-21, version 2.7.0


Source code (Dev C++ version Animal_ancestors_v2.7.0.cpp Executable: animal_ancestors_v2.7.0.exe

Other information:

Source file

·         mother ID column: 17

·         father ID column: 25

·         number of column which will be copied: 2

o   number of first: 12

o   number of second: 13



Destination file (2 column for ancestor: Fore(…) and Massiveness (…)):

Fore Canon Circumference 2 – for mother  / i (animal):  2*i (mother) and 2*i+1 (father)/

Fore Canon Circumference 3 – for father;

2 (2*1) – for mother

3 (2*1+1) – for father

4 (2*2) – for mother of mother

5 (2*2+1) – for father of mother